Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Doily, Headstands, and Bumblebees

Interesting title, isn't it? ;) Well, first off I wanted to show the doily I made for Sweet E's hope chest. My plan is to make her something every year for her birthday to put in her hope chest. So far she has three doilies (and some thread dresses that I made for her.) Isn't the hook I crocheted it with gorgeous! Thanks Amy!
Next is Little E's newest trick. I just think it is hilarious!
Next, is a project that the children did. What can you do with icing, cardstock, M&M's and candy eggs? Make bumblebees of course!


Marci said...

Your doily is beautiful. What a great idea and you got started right away. I thought of ideas like that when Joshua was 12. =)

I love the bumblebees. I am sure they were a real hit to eat.

Lady_MSnow said...

We have "tool chests" for the boys (instead of a "hope chest"). Each year we are purchasing the boys a tool (of good quality) so that when they get old enough they don't have to "shell out" all the money at once. They will have a start and be able to use the money for other things.

Ginny said...

Nice doily. Nice headstand. Nice bumblebees. I love your projects!
:-D Especially the ones with the children.

Patty said...

Beautiful doily and a wonderful idea. I should do something like that for my grand-daughters.
The bumblebees are so cute, I might just be eating the bees up pretty fast if I made them : )

Anonymous said...

Those bumblebees are just adorable! Keturah

Anna said...

Oh how cute are those? I will have to post about Chloe's birthday doily too. I am so glad we have started when they are so young.

Bella Rae said...

What a beautiful doily! I'm so glad that you liked working with your new hook :)
I love the idea of the tool chests for the boys... that's excellent.
Save some bumblebees for me!! They look so yummy! xo