Monday, April 07, 2008

Count Your Blessings Monday (4/7)

"I am giving us an opportunity every Monday to not only count our blessings, but to share them with others. This is a way that we can encourage one another. Make a post on your blog telling us about your blessing. Please put a link back to this post (on her blog). You can add the URL of your blog post on Mr. Linky below. Many of our blessings we will have pictures of and we can share those as well. I think that many times we forget that it is a blessing to be able to breath, to get out of bed, to hold a baby... Share your blessings with us. They encourage others. We can share so many other things.... special gifts, recipes, let's take the time to share how God has blessed us!! -Marci"

Today I wanted to thank the Lord for the seasons that he blesses us with. Summer provides us with many goodies from the garden; autumn has gorgeous colors and crisp air; winter washes everything white with snow; and us hope of things new. It is such a blessing to see all the beautiful flowers popping up, the trees budding, and....I can hang my laundry out to dry again! I know...I am so silly, but I love hanging my clothes out on the line. :D So..share your blessing with others and head on over to Marci's blog and wish her and her hubby a happy anniversary!


Marci said...

Thanks for the warm wishes and thanks for taking part. I too love the seasons and what each one brings!!

Ginny said...

I hung my laundry out for the first time this season, today. I was LUVIN' IT!!!

Anna said...

I am beginning to love hanging my clothes out as well. They smell different. Especially the sheets. Its kind of refreshging.