Saturday, January 26, 2008

Gotta Love It!

I love knowing that in less than 45 minutes I saved my family over $20. What did I do? I gave my Beloved and Big T hair cuts. I think I do pretty good with using just a pair of scissors and my hands. I started doing hair cuts this way when our clippers became too dull last year and a piece broke off and we didn't have the money to replace them. I hope to get a decent set of clippers next month though so I can give Little E his first haircut. :D


Jane said...

I used to always cut Wes's hair too. If he hadn't taken my clippers with him I would have sent them to you :)

Anna said...

I have tried to cut James hair, but I ended up in tears so he doesn't allow me to touch it anymore. I admire anyone who can cut hair. Its a talent I do not possess. said...

Good job! I wish I could cut hair, too but I can't even cut a paper straight.

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