Monday, January 21, 2008

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

My children just love helping in the kitchen. Especially when they get the opportunity to make pizza! I finally remembered to take pictures on Saturday to share with everyone. First, Big T helps me make the pizza dough. He holds the mixer down so it doesn't dance. ;) (Make sure you have your apron on!)

Then we get it rolled out on the pan.
Top it with our favorite sauce.
The "perfect" cheese blend.
Our family loves it and we put the whole bag of cheese on the pizza!
Then Sweet E helped me top the pizza with black olives, mushrooms, and onions. Oh...and if you have long hair make sure you have it covered. ;D
Most people don't realize that you need to taste the onions to make sure they are good enough for the pizza.Sweet E eats these onions like they are candy. (FYI I tried these onions raw and had to spit it out because it was too hot for me!)

Finally, make sure you top it with freshly ground black pepper. Yum!I forgot to take a picture when it came out of the oven, but it was delicious. I think only a couple pieces were left. When Little E starts eating pizza there won't be any left. ;D


Ron and Ginny said...

Good pictures, darling! I wish I had such good helpers. Titus looks so serious about the whole thing and Elisabeth looks like she is just in it for the free samples. LOL!

nannykim said...

So sweet--except for the onions of course ;-). I love it when little ones help out!

HsKubes said...

Yum! Pizza! We love homemade pizza, too! ;o) I enjoyed visiting you and seeing your family.
Thank you for visiting me. ;o)

~ Christina

Marci said...

How fun. I am glad that you allow them to help and that they like to!!!

Anna said...

LOL. What fun. Kids have weird taste buds, don't they? (Chloe loves eating the flour while we are baking

Shari said...

We make our own pizza, too. It's cheaper and tastes better. I didn't realize that you didn't have to let the dough rise a first time. This will really help when we want pizza, but don't want to wait.