Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rise and Shine!

At least, that is what I tried to do this morning. It's been a year (yes, a year, sadly) since I woke early and was able to have quality quiet time with the Lord. Beloved has been getting up at 5 am during the week so he can get to the gym for a workout, while I lazily stay in bed until the children awake. Last night he challenged me to get up when he does. Let me tell you, it felt impossible to get up this morning, but once I did I felt great! Of course...I have already had two mochas. ;) I was flipping through the back of my Bible this morning (I write down various bits from sermons and studies on the blank pages in the back.) and came to one that stood out.
The role the wife plays in the home is not a lesser role. It's a different role, but it isn't a lesser role.

I haven't looked at my role as an inferior one, but sometimes I wonder if my attitude some days makes it seem like I do. I don't remember where this note came from. Perhaps it was from one of the messages that a brother shared in church. Who knows, but I do know that it spoke to me today and I pray that it touches someone else today. Blessing to all. Now..I just need to see if I can stay awake the rest of the day. ;) (pic is from allposters)


Ron and Ginny said...

Thanks for the encouragement, darling. Keep on getting up. It will get easier. :-D

Jane said...

Good luck keeping with the early rising! If I could I would sleep in till 9 or 10 and then start my day :)