Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Early Birthday

Well, it is hard to believe that Big T will be 4 in just 7 days! He is growing up so fast. Even though he hasn't officially had his birthday yet we took him down to my parents house this past weekend. We did this so that his Grandpa and Grandma could take part in something he has been asking to do for a long time...and that is.......He has wanted to ride a train. The Hocking Valley Scenic railway is a place where the young and young at heart can take a 14 mile (or longer) train ride that also includes a 30 minute stop at Robbins Crossing which involves pioneer cabins and the like. The children absolutely loved it and I wanted to share pictures from our trip.When we took off from the train stations Big T had the biggest smile on his face!
He loved going over the bridges too (at least the river had some water in it due to the recent rain.)
This is a decent picture of the family. Little E isn't with us. He was asleep on Grandpa's lap at this point.
Here are a couple of pictures from Robbin's Crossing. I believe this is a workshop that has a scroll saw powered by the user peddling. The second picture is of a one room school house.

This is a picture of the passengers getting off of the train. The children really enjoyed themselves.Here are a couple of videos of our train ride. Each time the whistle/horn would sound Sweet E got so excited. I thought it was really cute.

When we got home we had a chance to visit with my sister and her boyfriend as well. Then came dinner and Big T's cake! I am so glad that he liked it. It could have turned out better, but for doing a "rush job" it is pretty good.
Next is a picture of Big T riding his present from Grandpa and Grandma. The picture after is of Sweet E and my sister's boyfriend, "E". Sweet E had so much fun pushing "E" around on the bike. It was too funny that I just had to get a picture.
Thank you so much for looking. We had a nice time. The Lord blessed us with safe travel all around! ;)


Ron and Ginny said...

Well, I really enjoyed this post. Good pictures and that CAKE!!! You do such a good job!

pei girl said...

the cake is just lovely you did a great job and thank you for sharing the pictures of your train ride,I would love to take my grandson for one he is just crazy for trains,we have no train service here,no rails to ride.have an awesome day (hugs from the Island):0)

Jane said...

Mel I wish I had known you were downI would love to meet your kids.

Lady_MSnow said...

Don't worry Jane...it was a real quick trip. We will definitely be coming by to see Sabrina, Mikaela, and you once Mikaela decides to show up! ;)

Marci said...

Those are really good pictures Melanie. I loved the video clips. You did a great job on the cake. Looks like everyone had a great time!!!