Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ground Cherry Pie & Ernesto

I have been praying an awful lot today. I know that God is good in all he does for me, but could he please have the hurricane hit north of the Carolinas? I just wanted to have a good weekend taking my family to North Myrtle Beach and now I am not sure what the weekend holds. I now Ernesto is supposed to move through by this evening, but that can still leave things up in the air. I just really wanted to be able to take a trip. We haven't traveled anywhere for a year. Last year we went to some Camp Meetings in North Carolina. My husband really needs this vacation. Ever since he lost his job before DD was born we haven't had a chance to get away as a family. So..I guess we will just have to wait and see.
I finally got those Ground Cherries made into a pie yesterday. Everyone liked it too. Hubby said it was different and wouldn't mind having it again. So...I will probably grow a few next year to make a couple of pies and maybe some jam for something different.
I should probably get to my tomatoes. I have to make them into pizza sauce before we leave in the morning or they will be bad by the time I get back. May all have a blessed, God Filled Day!

Just wanted to add a picture of DS with his favorite animals!


Marci said...

Titus looks so little by the horses.

I had help with my corn and got it all done today. I am still working on tomatoes. I hope you get to go to your parents. Are they living there full time now? Will your sister go? Are you just going for the weekend? I know... questions... questions... questions...

Lady_MSnow said...

My parents go down about once a month to check on the place. It will probably be a few years yet before the go. The storm is supposed to pass through this evening. My parents are leaving tonight to go down and will be there in the morning. So they can call us if there are road problems or the like. My sister and her boyfriend are flying down on Saturday unless they cancel the flight. We will be back Monday!
And Yes...he does look very small next to the neighbors work Horses. :)