Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cleaning, Canning, & Pictures

Well, you can probably guess what is going on in my home today. I am continuing to do my daily chores/tasks. I finally got the kitchen counters cleaned and straightened. Now I need to take care of the floor. Since summer came..I am embarrassed to say...I don't know the last time I gave my floors a really good cleaning. So I hope to..on Friday...give my kitchen floor a really good hands and knees type scrubbing. It needs it. I can at least say that I accomplished making and canning about 5 pints of spaghetti sauce last night. I can't believe that I have run out of quart size jars. I thought I had so many, but I actually had to get more a couple of weeks ago. So far this year I have canned 51 quarts of beans, 15 pints of pickles, 5 pints of spaghetti sauce, 5 pints of pizza sauce, and I think about 27 quarts of peaches. I also made peach jam and strawberry jam. Hopefully I can get some Jonagold apples this fall and make apple butter, applesauce, and try making apple pie in a jar. I love fall! Just the idea of it makes me very happy!

Well I figured I would end with some pictures of my family. Here is a picture of DD on the carousel at the Columbus zoo.

And here is DS playing with a tiring swing near Nana and Prapaw's house.

Finally here is a very old picture of Shad, short for Shadrach. I have newer pictures of him, but I just don't have any on the computer. He is much bigger. I think he is just shy of 70 lbs. He is loved by the family very much, but is on probation at this time.

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