Friday, August 06, 2010


It's been a couple of weeks ago now, but Beloved was a counselor at a paintball church camp. While he was gone I had a wonderful friend spend an evening with me and the children. She even brought a picnic lunch for us. We took her over to the Children's Garden since she had never been there. Everyone had a wonderful time (except for the couple of times I had to run the older two over to the baseball fields to use the restrooms. LOL)

Special K wasn't so sure about this lady at first.

I don't have pictures of Sweet E and Little E. Between the potty breaks and watching Special K I couldn't catch up with those two to get their pictures. I will have to do better next time. :-) Well, I need to get back to baking a birthday cake. I have many more things to post and hopefully I can do that later. Blessing to you all and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Sissy! :-)

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Anna said...

I remember that garden. Such a fun place for the children. Hope to see it again soon. :)