Friday, May 14, 2010

NY Trip Post #3

Fair warning. This post is going to be super-duper picture heavy. :-) See...I warned you. But I didn't want to leave anything out. So... little background since I won't be posting a caption for every picture. These are from Friday the 7th. The day of the wedding. I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

We woke up bright and early to head across the river to DUMBO so Sweet E could get her hair done with all the girls. She wasn't real sure what to think. She has never had her hair done up, or even cut, by someone other than me. She was a real trooper. The poor girl was so tired that all she wanted to do was lay down. We couldn't let her though because we were afraid of her hairdo falling down. (Which we had to fix twice anyway *roll eyes*). Oh well. :-)

I thought these flip flops were great. The bridesmaids had black ones with their names on them.

Breakfast with a hint of hairspray....yummy ;-)

I just had to show this picture because (1) We have never seen Mom with this many curls and (2) you can see all the hairspray in the air. I think I ate about a half a can worth. LOL The thing is....we used even more hairspray after we got back to the hotel.

The next set of picture were taken at the church.

We had some time to kill after the ceremony and before cocktail hour started. My parents and my family went to the pier so the children could see the boats and just have a look around.

The pirate ship (well, that's what the children called it)

And finally the last set of pictures were taking at Bridgewaters, the reception site.

L-R->My BIL, My Dad, My BIL's brother "A"

Sweet E and A

About 30 seconds after this picture Sweet E was out like a light.

All the K cousins minus 1

All the L cousins minus...well....about half.

My Mama and Daddy

My Sissy and my new Brother.

Thank you Sissy for sharing your special day with us. Sweet E loved being the flower girl. Big T was so excited about getting all dressed up and helping pass out bulletins. Little E enjoyed taking the subway and running around. And Special K, well, I think she enjoyed all the attention. :-)


Rachel said...

I loved all your pics Melanie!!! Thanks for posting.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Thanks for taking us with you! What truly beautiful up-dos and the wedding dress (and bride) were lovely! Congratulations! :)