Thursday, May 13, 2010

NY Trip Post #2

Okay, I was finally able to wash off about 3 pounds of dirt from my feet and hands after working in the garden. So hopefully I can get this post up and then the last one tomorrow. And I should add.... That yes, we do have 4 children. I realized today that Special K is left out of a lot of pictures. Mainly because when I was taking pictures she was either napping, being carried, or someone else was holding her. :-) So, on to the second day of our trip.

One of the first things Big T asked Grandpa was if he would walk the Brooklyn Bridge with him. Grandpa was happy to take us all for a walk. The children learned about the Brooklyn Bridge in school and seeing it was so exciting for them. ( I will also add that Special K was taking a nap back at the hotel with Grandma while the rest of us walked the bridge.)

The children were constantly arguing over who got to hold Grandpa's hand. :-)

You can even see my sister's building in the next picture just to the left of the bridge. :-)

We made it across the bridge! It takes awhile with 3 young children, but they all made it across. I felt so bad for Little E. His little legs did a LOT of walking on our trip.

After walking all that way the children thought it would be best to take the subway back to the hotel. :-) They loved taking the subway, but for some reason this is the only picture we got.

After our walk we all went back to the hotel to rest before heading to Park Slope for the rehearsal and dinner. But I wanted to be out and about. :-) So Big T and I decided to venture out for a little while around the Seaport. Big T loved all the ships that where near a little mall on the pier.

Here is a picture of our hotel. It's funny how fascinated the children where by it. Most of the children had never stayed in a hotel before. Big T was only about a year old the last time he was in a hotel.

When we got back to our room Special K was taking a nap. I almost didn't see her. ;-)

After resting we all headed out to the rehearsal. The church was beautiful. All the statues and stain glass windows were breathtaking.

As soon as I saw my sister at the rehearsal I was fighting back tears. Yes tears. I'm not afraid to admit it. I was watching my baby sister preparing to get married.

After the rehearsal we joined everyone for dinner. The menu wasn't exactly the things that the children would like. For example...see this salad?

I enjoy calamari, but it's always been fried. This is only grilled. Beloved and I had a hard time getting it down. I told my cousin's hubby that he cheated. He chose an appetizer that was assorted seafood that was all fried. I said he cheated because he couldn't tell what he was eating. ;-) Anyway, the children had pizza and spaghetti. So everyone was happy (as long as we closed our eyes while we ate. LOL) There was a lot of eating, talking, and sadly.....crying by Special K. She was so tired and it was so loud, but she had plenty of people to hold her.

Big T was fascinated by the brick oven. My aunt suggested that we install one at home since he was so intrigued. :-)

I know this is a super long post, but just one more thing. My cousin's little girl celebrated her second birthday last Thursday. So of course she had a cake at the rehearsal dinner. She was so cute. She did have to share it (a friend of my sister and BIL had a birthday the same day), but I think she ended up with most of the cake.

So I hope to post the last installment of our trip tomorrow. We shall see. I promise, the wedding pictures will be in the next post. :-) (I apologize if there are typos or sentences that don't make a lot of sense. It's late, but I wanted to get this post up.)

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Anna said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture of your family on the bridge. Too bad Special K wasn't in it. It would make a great Christmas card picture. You have a beautiful family.

I am sorry we missed each other this weekend. Maybe I can get a trip in this summer or fall out to see you all. Would that be okay with you?