Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sweet E's Birthday

I knew I would forget to get these pictures up. ;-) But here they are. Better late than never. Sweet E actually wanted a blue cake this year. I couldn't believe it! So, since she wanted blue I decided to give her a blue skirt for her outfit this year as well. Last year I did a flower on the front of her shirt. With the blue print I decided to go with a silhouette of Sunbonnet Sue and then the #5 is on the back. This skirt gave me a hard time. Well, the pattern wasn't too bad. It was my serger that tested my patience. Thanks to having difficulty with my serger I spent almost 2 hours longer on the skirt than needed. At least I finished it and she loves it. :-) It has just the right amount of twirl.

Sweet E wanted a strawberry cake with chocolate icing. No complaints here. I love ganache!

Yes, my decorating skills are lacking but I love creating a cake for my child's birthday. To save money, instead of buying a special doll pan to make the skirt, I made the skirt out of crispie treats. It made it super easy to shape. At first the doll turned out short and squat but I was able to reshape it to make her taller.

She could hardly wait to eat her cake. She tried to be patient.....

She did a good job waiting. Everyone loved the cake. I am curious to see what she requests for her birthday next year. But first on my list is Big T's cake. I don't know if he has decided what he wants yet or not. I am sure it will be another adventure in decorating. :-D


Ruthy, underneath his wrapping said...

Hi Melanie, i found your blog sometime ago and have been following since then. Love your posts.

Sweet E's blue skirt is beautiful just as she is! Blue is my favourite color too.

The cake looks awesome....


Tina said...

You did such a great job with everything! The whole outfit is so adorable. The cake looks so cute (and yummy :P).