Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer

Price: $30-$50.
Put out by: Exergen Corporation

What is one of the first things to do when your child is sick? Take their temperature. Although with small children it can be very difficult. Forget taking a temperature orally when the children are little. There is no way they keep it in their mouth. And forget a rectal reading....NOT doing that. LOL :-D So I was so excited to have this opportunity to review the Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer. :-)

My children absolutely love it and I do too! Here is a link to their FAQ's page. There is so much great info on their site, but I will just say again how much I like this product. Each thermometer is tested six times for accuracy before it's ever shipped out. I feel better knowing that the thermometer is withing +0.2 degree F. You can't get that orally or in the ear. You just lightly scan the forehead and that's it! It's great because I can take the children's temperature while they are sleeping and they have no idea that I even did it. Even with the last one we had (an ear thermometer) I would end up waking the child up. This way they can get all the sleep they can without being disturbed. I also know that Special K, my little baby, if she does get sick, I can take an accurate temperature to gauge how she is doing.

Oh, and guess what! I have a link for a $5 rebate coupon for everyone. Just check out this link. You can even check out their Facebook page here. I highly recommend this product to anyone with children (big or small.) I know my hubby appreciates this gadget as well.

**Disclosure: Mama Buzz and reviewers, received a complimentary temporal scanner review purposes.**

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