Monday, November 16, 2009

Yes, we are still alive

Believe it or not I am still alive. I know alot of people are surprised since I am doing my best to heal up, take care of a newborn and the three older children. LOL me... I am not doing it alone. I have had a lot of help. Praise the Lord! Anyway, you know the first thing I have to show are some pictures of Baby K. She is just the sweetest thing ever! Just don't tell me other children that. LOL :-)

My Grandpa and Step Grandma were able to come up to see Baby K (and the other children) on Sunday. I was so glad they were able to come. The family Christmas was Saturday but we couldn't go because of the Upward Soccer award presentation for the children. Anyway. Here is a picture of Grandpa with his newest Great- Granddaughter. :-) ( Edited to add- My Mom came up on Sunday as well...don't want to leave her out)

Do you know how hard it is to get 4 children to sit still for a picture...let alone the rowdy great-grandparents?

You can tell they are all wondering if they are done yet.

Plus the children had a good time trying to figure out what in the world Great-Grandpa was carrying around with him. They liked to listen for the noise it made. :-)

I almost forgot to show pictures from the soccer awards program this past Saturday. I don't have any good pictures. The lighting...and sitting further back in the sanctuary made it hard to get a decent picture. I can't remember the details of the lady that was there except that her last name is Yoder, her husband is a cabinet maker in Plain City, she is originally from South Dakota and the youngest of 12. She did all sorts of tricks and things with basketballs. Big T even got to spin the basketball on his finger. She tried to have Little E do it too, but he moved his finger and he got hit in the face with the basketball. :-( Oh well...they all enjoyed it. She pulled a lot of people from the audience to do some of the tricks and stuff with her.

Because I couldn't figure out the right setting for the camera I didn't get a picture of Sweet E's team (half weren't there) but I did get this picture of Big T and his team at least.

Ever since seeing Mrs. Yoder do tricks with basketballs on Saturday Big T has spent majority of his time outside the past two days getting better at dribbling and trying a few tricks of his own. :-)

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Marci said...

Good to see you are coming along!!