Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Fun.....more

Okay...I told you I had some other pictures to share. goes. We purchased a Slip-n-Slid@ for the children this past spring, but Saturday was the first time we got it out. They LOVED it. The children couldn't quite get the hang of it. After a while they were asking Beloved for help. ;o)
Can you tell who the next picture is?
Never mind what Sweet E is wearing. She outgrew her swim stuff from last year so, yes...I put her in some of Big T's old stuff.
Little E didn't stay interested for too long.
My, oh my, who is that going down the slide?'s.....Me! Never mind that I exceed the age limit by 16 years and almost 100 lbs. :o)
Here I am telling Beloved, "NO", don't take my picture. I don't think he heard me.


Marci said...

So where is the video of Brian taking the plunge??? Great pictures and videos.

Ginny said...

LOL! I'm sure he heard you, darling. ;-)

Is the mystery picture Lizzy?

And where is the video of Brian slipping and sliding???



Lady_MSnow said...

No such luck on a video of Brian. ;o)

Kelli said...

I love the pictures and the video, Melanie! I had to giggle at the "ten points" and "move it or lose it." :0)

Christy said...

i LOVE this picture of you going down the slip in slide how fun!!! btw you are the winner from my bloggy giveaway send me an email at with you paypal email address and i will send you 10 bucks asap ;)