Tuesday, July 08, 2008


..of photos to catch up on. I had a week's worth on the camera before Beloved finally downloaded them. So..I am going to have to show a few of what I took. Just because my children are adorable. ;o) First up, Little E discovered he has a love for suckers!
Later in the week he decided he wanted to help Papa try to fix a computer.
Then the next day it was time for some serious reading.
Some posing for the camera...
Then on Saturday it was time for our trip to the Farmer's Market for homemade doughnuts! Yum!
Then after the market it was time for a walk to the park.
Then it was time to go home and check on the garden
Then on Sunday...after church, after a trip to the park for fellowshipping, and then riding our bikes over to Nana and Papaw's.....ice cream!
And Hide and Seek with Papa...now where could Beloved be hiding? ;o)
Then I just wanted to share a video Beloved took of Little E at the park. Hope you enjoy all of our pics. As I look at all of these photos and videos I am reminded how richly God blesses me. :D


Ginny said...

Hey, I LOVED the pictures and video.

And the garden... Wow! It looks really good!

Marci said...

Melanie, you are truly blessed. I loved all the pictures. Homemade donuts at the Farmers Market... hmmmmmm....

Your garden looks wonderful!!!

Kelli said...

Wonderful photos, Melanie! It looks like everyone is having a great summer. I love all those happy smiles!