Saturday, July 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow! I thought I fell behind before on pics, but today I realized I had about 100 pics on the camera that I hadn't downloaded yet. So...I thought I would do a summary of how our week went.

Sunday- Was our Anniversary...posted about it earlier. And the children had VBS with Nana
Monday- Good day to dig in the dirt and play under the bush. (Of course they couldn't stay clean for VBS with Nana. So..they had to get a shower before they left.)
Tuesday-VBS with Nana

Wednesday- Down to the river to pray, to throw a few rocks, and the privilege of witnessing two in our fellowship being baptized.
Thursday- Attend the closing presentation for VBS...Little E had to keep Grandpa busy. ;o) Oh...and a visit from "Cooper"...the favorite of the whole VBS week I think. :) Oh, I almost forgot...the children helped plant a tree in Honor of a very special lady who has helped with more VBS programs than anyone I know.
Friday- Go grocery shopping and watch a bug catch it's dinner. ;o)

I have some fun pictures to show, but that will have to wait till tomorrow or Monday.

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Marci said...

Good pictures Melanie. I know with 3 little ones you are always hoppin'. You are doing a great job!!