Friday, November 09, 2007

30 Day Challenge Update

Unfortunately I don't have anything to update on. We have had such a terribly busy week. I will have something to update next week. I promise. ;)

  1. How many of you have taken large boxes or baskets and labeled them keep, donate, toss, relocate and possibly sell in order to do your sort? This is important to doing an effective quick sort. Without giving it too much thought start tossing things into the applicable boxes. The purpose of this is to do some initial weeding out and getting all the “toss” stuff out the door as soon as possible. This will give you some more breathing room and allow you to focus on your keep pile which you’ll now want to go through again to reconsider why you may have chosen to keep the things you have. I’ll post more about this step next week. This is on my to-do list
  2. How many of you have designated a certain length of time each day to tackling your project? Nope..haven't done that but is a great idea. :D
  3. How many of you want to run right out and buy containers and baskets before doing the remove, sort and purge? [fight that urge!] It is so tempting!
  4. How many of you are feeling overwhelmed? ME, ME, ME!!!
  5. How many of you are feeling excited to keep going? I do feel excited about the whole thing, just need a block of time to start.


Jane said...

You busy no way you don't have any reason to be busy LOL!!! Just 3 kids and a house is all! I hope you find some time to catch up on what you want to.

Courtney said...

i really liked your update, its only day 9 you have plenty of time left!