Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I haven't been good about showing pictures lately. These were a few that I had on the camera when I downloaded the ones from canning the grape jelly and juice.
Isn't Sweet E....well...sweet? Some days she sits still long enough to braid her hair. Don't have a picture of the braids, but I thought this was sweet.
I think was a day when Hubby left to run an errand or something and Little E was watching him. I thought it was so sweet. :D
Hubby rescued this last rose of the year before the frost Saturday night. I hadn't had any roses for a few weeks, but this one was a pleasant surprise. :o)
These next pictures Hubby took. He caught Little E in the bathroom climbing on his siblings step stool. He seemed very pleased with himself. He was actually able to sit himself down on the chair.
He is too sweet. I can't believe that he is 7 months old and has 4 teeth already!
This last one I just had to add because I thought it was hilarious! ;o)


Ron and Ginny said...

Cuteness, cuteness everywhere!

Marci said...

Great pictures. I especially love that last one of the little guy!!!

amy said...

Your pictures are sweet!! I love the dress that you made, it looks so pretty.

Anna said... do you do it? How can you get anything done with all those cute kids around you? I would be forever taking pictures and not mopping the floors.