Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yes, I will admit it. I turned 30 today and I am not afraid to say so. LOL :-D I have seen people write about things they have accomplished or big events in their lives, facts about them, on their birthday posts. For instance, someone that turns 21 will list 21 things that have happened in their life. So, just for fun, I thought I would do that too. (Not in any particular order)

1. Gave my life to God on August 31, 1998. (Not something I earned...but a gift for anyone who asks)

2. Learned to play the piano (but forgot most of it)

3. Learned to play the flute (forgot most of that too)

4. Played varsity basketball my freshman year of HS

5. Played varsity volleyball my junior/senior year

6. Ran track in high school (Hurdles...and hated it...but at least I did it)

7. Got my driver's license

8. Learned to drive a stick shift

9. Lettered in Academics my freshman year of high school

10. Learned how to use a sewing machine (in High School)

11. Grandma Krumme taught me how to crochet a chain (not sure when, but probably middle school?)

12. Relearned how to crochet and actually made a blanket (my MIL "retaught" me)

13. Graduated from High School

14. Graduated from College (2000)

15. Married my best friend (2002)

16. Went to Israel in January 2000

17. Student teaching in January 2001 at Chinle High School in Chinle, Arizona (on the Navajo Reservation)

18. Saw the Grand Canyon on my trip to Arizona

19. Survived my student teaching at Centerburg HS (That was a long4 months) ;-)

20. Gave birth to 4 children

21. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from MVNC

22. Learned to cook many things from scratch and started the "tradition" of making my family's birthday cakes.

23. Did Electricity, photography, ceramics, and Foods for 4-H in Indiana. (one of the few girls to do electricity)

24. Sewed my first skirt/vest (for college class)

25. Learned/learning to cook gluten free

26. Learned the basics of knitting (well..still need to work on those)

27. Homeschooling my children

28. Learned how to hang drywall

29. Had a benign tumor removed from my left breast when I was a freshman in college.

30. Training my children for the Lord.

And here is a slideshow from my day. Blessings to all. I hope you enjoy

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Rachel said...

Happy Happy Birthday Melanie!!! Looks like you had a fun and wonderful day! I enjoyed reading your "list". :-) I hope this next year is a wonderful blessing to you.