Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Fun and Family

Boy...once again I do have a lot to catch up on. So I will make this as short as possible. :-) First up...instead of calling the newest addition Baby K I am now going to call her "Special K." Her uncle started calling the sweet one that and I think it's a good idea. :-) So, first up are a couple of odds n ends pics. I just can't get enough of Special K. She is absolutely adorable and it's even cuter to capture funny pics of her. ;-)

Sweet E.....still as sweet as ever. :-D

Little E usually has his Dee-Doe (Diego) backpack on these days. He enjoys looking at books too.

On Thanksgiving day we headed down to my parents home. It was so good to get to see my Sissy (I have only seen her 2 times this past year) and her Fiance (and it had been about 2 years since I have seen him!). This picture leaves much to be desired. Half of us are in the shade and the others are stuck "squinting" in the sun. Won't even go into how bad I pic please.... ;-)

It's pretty hard to hold on to a sleeping baby and not fall asleep yourself...let alone after eating Thanksgiving dinner. :-)

They both found something amusing.

This is a much better pic of my Sissy and her Fiance......I can't wait for them to have some babies. (My children need some cousins!) My Sis is gonna kill me for saying that. LOL But Sis, when the time know your babies will be beyond adorable! ;-)

Then the following Saturday was the Christmas Parade. It helps that the parade route is only a few blocks South of us. Perfect walking distance! they are patiently waiting.

Sweet E is ready! Her bag was pretty full by the time we got home.

Here they come!

Recognize anyone Marci? ;-)

After the parade was Thanksgiving Dinner with Beloved's family. I think they put something in the food because a lot of them got pretty goofy after dinner. Here is Sweet E dressed as Grandpa. LOL If you know will understand completely! :-)

Special K even joined in on the game playing.

And then she decided to try and blend in with the toys. :-)

As you can tell...we had a lot of fun over the holiday weekend. :-) Praying you all are having a great week. Blessings to all!


Marci said...

You and your sister look a lot alike. Great pictures and yes, the WOnderful Neighbors were in the parade. :)

Anna said...

My, how everyone is growing. It looks like you had a delightful holiday.