Monday, June 16, 2008

Two Shall Become One

We had a privilege to attend a wedding this past Friday and I had the privilege to help do the decorating for it. I just wanted to share some pics from Thursday and Friday. I wish I had more...or better pics, but I don't. Since I couldn't use the flash for long distance it made the zoomed shots blurry. Oh well, I do have a few so here we go. :D Here is a pic of me trying to finish decorating the arch inside the sanctuary. (Everything took longer than we thought it would.)
This cake is actually light pink with ganache topping. The oldest sister of the bride made it and it looked beautiful!

Blurry picture, but I wanted to get one of them (they are under the arch) during the ceremony.The Reception
The sister that made the cake also made the Bride's gorgeous dress.
And lastly...her is a shot of Sweet E with one of her favorite people. :D

I also wanted to share this video. I think they are cousins of the bride...blurry image, but it sounds wonderful.


Ginny said...

Nice pictures! I see someone I know in that reception picture... LOL! Even I am in it! sneaky...

Marci said...

It was a beautiful wedding both in how it looked and the symbolism.

Anna said...

What a beautiful wedding. The bride's dress is gorgeous. And the singers have beauitful voices as well.

Michelle said...

That wedding dress is beautiful!!!