Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I have fallen behind and I have a lot of pictures. But instead of posting a ton I thought I would just post a few. First of all, Beloved was a counselor at a church camp for 4 days last week (and it just happened to be a paintball camp.) Go figure. ;o) Anyway, since he went to camp the children and I went down to visit my Mom (and Dad too, but with work he was only there one evening.) So...here is a picture of Little E enjoying some outdoor time at Grandma's house. He loved that little bike. :D
Next up is another picture of Little E, but this time it is at our local farmer's market this past Saturday. It is sort of a "tradition" that we walk to the UDF near our home and purchase some Milk and juice. Then we finish our walk up to the farmer's market and buy our breakfast. Little E discovered that he LOVES chocolate milk. ;o)
Later that day we headed off to a graduation party for a young man in our church. It was so much fun......most of the time. It was the 4th day without Beloved around and my nerves were just about shot. Anyway, here is a picture from one of the many games we played. I think they called it the homesteader's game. It was a ton of fun!
It's a relay race. There are 8 people to a team. The first person peels a potato and wraps it in foil, second- chops wood into quarters, third- folds napkins, fourth- hammers 3 nails into wood, fifth drops 5 clothespins into a jar, sixth does 25 pushups, seventh has to thread a needle and sew on a button, and the eight person has to take 3 bails of hay across the finish line! It is so much fun to watch. :D
And lastly...here is a video of the little ones participating in the potato sack race. It looks like we need some practice at it though. :D


Ginny said...

Good video! I didn't realize you were taping that race. Titus ended well. :-D Too bad you didn't get some of those tugs of war (tug-of-wars?)... LOL!

Lady_MSnow said...

I did get video of that too, but it just takes so long to download. :(

Kelli said...

How fun! Your kiddos are adorable and are getting so big!

Marci said...

Great posts Melanie. It looks like fun was had by all!!!!