Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tagged with Wikipedia MeMe

Okay....Miss Marci decided to tag here goes:

1. Go to Wikipedia and type in the month and day you were born. (For me...December 15th)

2...List three events that ocurred that day
1791- The United States Bill of Rights becomes law when ratified by the Virginia legislature
1891- James Naismith introduces the first version of basketball, with thirteen rules, a peach basket nailed to either end of his school's gymnasium, and two teams of nine players.
1965 - The film The Sound of Music is released.

3...List two important birthdays.
37- Nero, Roman Emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty (d. 68)
1974 - Ellen_Simonetti, flight attendant, famously fired for blogging

4...List one death.
1966 - Walt Disney, American animator (b. 1901)
5...Tag five friends to do the same (if you want to, if not, ignore)
Skipped.....;) Aren't you lucky I didn't choose you?

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