Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crochet and Couples

I know it has been few and far between...my posts I mean. Our couples night went really well I think. Everyone seemed to have a good time. When everyone came in they were "greeted" with candlelight and a lighted arch which lead the way to the tables. The tables were decorated beautifully, with the help from Mrs. M. =) There were 13 handmade doilies...one for each couple to take home. As for those of you who were wondering....they are all PK doilies. (from this book) So without further ado....here are the pictures that some individuals have requested. ;) The first 13 pictures are of the doilies of course!

Here are a couple of pictures of the place settings.

Here is a picture of everyone seated at their places as we were getting started.
This picture is of the candlelight that greeted people.
This next picture is of three couples playing "Jeopardy" and the winning couple received a gift card to the Olive Garden.
And here are the wonderful helpers (so nice to have help cleaning up.)
Some of the women "catching up".

I thought I would end a picture of Hubby and I...I was debating on putting it up or not. So...here you go.


Crochetingangel said...

Everything looks gorgeous, and I just love all your doilies. You did a wonderful job on them. Looks like everyone had fun. A great pic of you and hubby :)

Anna said...

WOW!!! 13 Doilies!! How on earth did you have the time? How on earth could you give them all away??? You are such a sweet person. Your couples night looks like it was loads of fun. Wish I could have been there. (and NO. Not just so I could have one or your gorgeous doilies)LOL.

Lady_MSnow said...

I started on the doilies at the end of February! My favorite one is the 5th from the top, but it went to a wonderful lady who has a 3 week old baby. It was hard to give away, but I got more practice....so now I know which ones I want to do. =)

Marci said...

THere are even pictures of Mrs. M!!! She will NOT be happy!! Hee hee hee

You guys did a great job!!!

Christie Belle said...

Wow, those doilies are beautiful, it looked like a wonderful night. You and your husband are a lovely couple. Thanks for dropping by and for the sweet words:)

mom4x said...

It looks great..you did a wonderful job Melanie. Looks like it was alot of fun... Nice doilies.. I'm trying to practice too..

Anonymous said...

Your doilies were so pretty and a lot of hard work, your couples night out is a good idea more churches should do it.

Kelli said...

The doilies are so pretty and all the tables look beautiful! I'm so glad you shared the picture of you and your husband, you are a lovely couple!

Tammy said...

Beautiful doilies! I enjoyed reading about the couples night your church held...what a great idea!

Treaty Line Farm said...

Hey, I see a couple friends and a church couple in some of the pictures! Was very surprized! Mr. & MRS. Peight and Mr. & MRS. Smucker. We also go to Faith (FCF).Nice to have found you blog. Marlene