Monday, April 30, 2007

Our "New" Vehicle

I am so excited!!! We got our "new" van today. I really like it...for a minivan. I like our other van because it sits up higher and the seats in the back ....well, I don't feel like I am sitting on the floor. But's had 180,000+ and the air conditioner needs to be replaced (not recharged, but fully replaced). Sorry for rambling. The Lord really blessed us with finding this van. We didn't think we would be able to purchase a vehicle anytime soon. When we were visiting our in-laws on Saturday i looked in the local paper and saw an ad for this van. We (almost immediately) went over to have a look at it. After we took it for a drive (and after talking to a couple of "mechanic" friends) we knew it is what we wanted. We have been researching for a few months. It turns out that this lady is the Grandmother to a guy that my Hubby played baseball with. We and the owner felt it was God that led us to this vehicle. I won't go into every little detail. I just wanted to emphasize that GOD IS GOOD!!!!! Anyway, without further ado here are a couple of pictures of our "new" van.

We have decided to sell our car instead of the van. Even though the van has 50,000 more miles it still runs really good. We use it like a truck in a lot of ways. But I figured I would show a picture of the car we are going to sell in case any of you all would be interested. It is a 1994 Buick LeSabre and it only has 128,000 on it.


Kelli said...

How wonderful to be blessed with a new van, I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Crochetingangel said...

I am so happy for you and your family that you were able to purchase your van. I believe you are right by the sounds of it God led you to this van and God is Good. It looks very nice, Enjoy it :)

Marci said...

Melanie, what a blessing. I am glad that God provided for you.

Anna said...

God is soooo GOOD!!! You new van is beautiful!