Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Busy as a Bee"

Well, I am busy anyway. =) I am trying to tie up all the "loose ends" for our couple's night tomorrow. I just hope I don't forget anything. I have one more thing I need to purchase tonight for the food, but other than that...I think we have everything. Tomorrow Mrs. M and I will go to the church where we are having the dinner, and do the decorating. I still have all of my decorations from my wedding (Hard to believe we have been married for almost 5 years) and that is what we are going to be using. I can't wait. I love this type of stuff. ;)

Right now I am just waiting on my van to arrive so I can have it tomorrow. A Brother from the church picked the van up the other day to do some work for us. It will be nice to have 2 vehicles to drive again. I can live without it, but when I am put in charge of's nice if I have a way to get there. ;)

Last night some ladies from the church and I went out to dinner to celebrate the birthday of Mrs. Troyer. It was so much fun. We would have loved to have stayed out longer, but....there were two men (my hubby and another Sister's hubby) watching 8 young children. We wanted to make sure that the house was still standing. I must say..I was very impressed. They got all 8 children fed (themselves too!) and it turned out to be a wonderful evening for all. to do some more work. Hope you all have a blessed day. May your walk with the Lord continue to grow in Leaps and Bounds!


Marci said...

Melanie, I know Mrs. Troyer had to enjoy that.

What church are ya'll using for your big night?

Have a great time!!!!

Anna said... promised pictures. I am expecting pictures tomorrow. I hope you have fun!! I wish we would do something like that.

Marci said...

Melanie you have been tagged for a Meme (whatever that is!!). See details on my blog!!