Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thank you....

God for providing for our family. I can say our debts (minus the mortgage anyway) are paid off. We paid of the ER bill (the biggest bill) off this week. It felt so good! We thought it would take a long time to pay these bills off and with a surprise blessing they are taken care of! So I just wanted to share that with you all. ;-)

And during this blessed week of reflection on God's love, goodness, grace, and forgiveness we are constantly trying to figure out what is best for our family. I guess you could call them traditions. Of course any time I hear the word tradition I think of this song. I just can't help it. ;-) (just make sure to shut off the music in the side bar).

We don't do the Santa thing with our children. That's our choice. We don't spend a ton of money on gifts for everyone in the family either (not like we could if we wanted to. LOL) For a few years we didn't celebrate Christmas at all. We would attend family gatherings but that was it. I don't regret doing that. It has helped our family focus on Christ and figure out what is best for us. We now give the children a few gifts. This is actually the first year we will do this. We have decided to give the children their gifts on Christmas Eve so all the focus can be on Christ on Christmas day. On Christmas day we are having a wonderful brunch and hopefully spend some time at the nursing home visiting with some people there. Then we will be going to my Mother-in-Love and Father-in-Love's home. (Hope it's okay to steal your term Marci. Calling someone a " "-in-love sounds better than in-law :-)

I don't know why I am sharing this with everyone, but I just felt like writing it out. It's nice to come up with traditions for our family  that are our own and no one else. Traditions can become idols as well. I know that. No matter the intent of traditions we need to be careful they don't turn to idols. Just knowing that is a big step in the prevention of losing our focus of Christ at this time of year. I know that he wasn't born on December 25th, but I find that this is a good time to be a witness to others. To share the gospel. For he was born to die. Praise the Lord! I am saved.

*Disclaimer- I am not a poetic writer. I am not good at explaining my thoughts in a way that always make sense to others. LOL But I just wanted to share. :-)


Marci said...

Steal away, Melanie. I think these sorts of things evolve. We need to constantly tweek what we do with our children as we feel led by God. You are doing a good job!!!

WN Mama said...

Yes, Melanie, we can totally relate. You guys are doing a great job....still want to have you all over for supper. WN mama

LadySnow said...

The children would love that!