Thursday, December 16, 2010

MamaBuzz Review: Where the Jewels Are

What little girl didn't pretend to be a princess? It's something I think all little girls want to be at one time or another. As a mother it's hard to find a fairy tale type of book with good morals and values. Something that is really beneficial to my daughters.

Where the Jewels Are, written by Diana Symons, is about a young princess who has everything. How do you tell her no when so wants even more? Her wise Father sends her on a journey to find the one thing she is missing. This book is an easy read with short chapters. Good for young readers and great as a read aloud book. (Written for 8-12 years old or the young at heart.)

It's hard to find a book like this without magic, witches, and the like. It was refreshing to find a book that didn't include any of this. I am always on a lookout for books about knights, kings, queens, princesses and princes, but they usually have magic or witches involved. I am glad I had a chance to review a book that didn't feel like it had to go that route. It's a wonderful book. 

You can purchase the book for $5.99 here or on Amazon. If you are curious what other reviewers had to say about this book you can find that out at MamaBuzz. Oh...and one more thing. Here is a booktrailer for Where the Jewels Are.  One more thing...don't forget to go over to Facebook and add Diana Symons as a friend. ;-)

*Disclaimer: I am a reviewer for MamaBuzz. This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. 

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