Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crazy Critter and The BarkOff Product Review

What is a crazy critter? Here is a quick video to give you all an overview of what a crazy critter is.

When I was given the opportunity to review this product, honestly, I wasn't sure if I wanted to or not. We had never set out to give our dog, Shad, any toys. He seemed content on destroying anything that accidentally got left out in the yard. I wasn't sure if this sort of thing would appeal to him, but I was WRONG! Surprisingly wrong. I didn't get around to taking any pictures of him with it, because right now it doesn't look very good. It h as been left out in the rain and drug through the mud, but he still loves it! Big T loves to get the crazy critter and play tug-of-war with Shad. Of course Shad wins (he is at least 65 pounds). I am also impressed that this critter hasn't already been torn to bits like everything else Shad gets a hold of. It's a good little product.

The BarkOff came with the Crazy Critter for me to review. Shad has a problem with barking and living in town does not help the situation at all. We have a bark collar on him most of the time, but I hate having to make sure it's positioned properly on his neck all the time. He knows when you are messing with it on his neck and it's hard to get him to hold still. So I was interested in seeing how well the BarkOff worked for us.

Here is some information from the website.
BarkOff™ is the ingenious, ultrasonic training aid that allows you to take control over your dog's nuisance barking. Just switch on the BarkOff™ device and an ultrasonic signal, inaudible to human ears, instantly captures your dog's attention and immediately interrupts the barking pattern. This allows your dog to calm down and stop barking painlessly and naturally. Today, as part of this special introductory offer, you'll get you BarkOff™ for just $10 and only $6.99 shipping and handling. But that's not all! When you order today, you'll also receive a second BONUS BarkOff™ for the car or to give as a gift for just separate $6.99 shipping and handling. BarkOff™ works so well because the ultrasonic signal actually teaches your dog the difference between nuisance barking and barking that protects your family and your home. Battery-powered BarkOff™ can be used indoors or outside and is especially helpful in the car when you have to take your dog on a long drive. It allows you to control your dog's difficult behavior humanely without trying your patience. Best of all, BarkOff™ is small enough to fit in your pocket so you can take it virtually anywhere you take your dog!

When the BarkOff arrived I was eager to see if it would work. The only bad thing is I can't tell for sure that it's working. There isn't an indicator light or anything that shows that it's on, but I did notice if I talked loudly to someone on the other side of our property I would hear a little click coming from the device. I assume it is the product sending out the signal. Shad's barking still happened, but the BarkOff seemed to shorten the time he did bark which is a blessing. Although it seems like I need one or two more to be effective for use in our yard. It suggest to have more than one for your yard because a single unit reaches about 20 feet or so. So, I am not sure about it working for neighbor dogs, but it has helped with our dog. I think that if your dog is also primarily indoors it would probably work even better. Overall I think this is a decent product and for the price it doesn't hurt to give it a try.

*This is a MamaBuzz Review. These products were provided by TeleBrands for this review.*

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