Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time Keeps Flying On By

I can't believe that it is almost March already! Wasn't it December just last week? It wasn't?! There is just so much going on it is hard to keep track of the date. :-D Is Special K really big enough to be sitting in this already?

I have been enjoying the chance to watch the children and Beloved interact with one another. Sweet E looks worried in this picture, but...

She was actually laughing. I think she was getting a good tickle session from Papa. :-)

Then Little E wanted to be Papa. So he got to wear Papa's tie and dress shoes. He thought it was great! (until he fell down because the shoes were obviously HUGE on him)

But then the boys got the chance to really dress up like Papa. I was able to purchase suits, with matching shirts and ties for the boys for my sister's upcoming wedding. (The ticker for the wedding is at the very bottom of this page.) I really dislike how the camera flash washed out their faces. :-(

Oh! And the snow we had over the past few weeks has been insane!

The snow was so deep that the children had to climb in through the window of their playhouse.

Beloved's birthday was this past Saturday. He chose to eat at Quaker Steak and Lube. Mmm.....fried pickles.....Oh sorry. I'll get back on track now. ;-D So anyway, my Dad joined us for lunch (he picked up Sweet E's flower girl dress and gave Little E his bday presents). It was great to see Dad. Missed seeing Mom, but she is down enjoying the beach house. I wish this was a better picture, but it's the best I could snap.

Titus loved eating there. We tried to get him to try one of the wings (and no...not the hot ones) but he was happy with plan ol' chicken tenders. Beloved did eat the Buckeye BBQ wings (he wasn't about to eat the atomic wings today, but he has before)...but not me. Way too hot.

When we got home the children helped Beloved blow out all 30 candles on his cake. It's getting harder and harder to light all his candles without one going out. ;-)

After filling up on wings, fries, chocolate cake with ganache and milk it was time for some cuddlin'. :-D

And..I just wanted to throw in this last picture because Special K is so incredibly adorable!

Okay...this is the last one...promise. ;-)

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Marci said...

Great pictures Melanie. I can't wait to see them all dressed for the wedding. :)