Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Your Heart

Love Your Heart by Tim McGraw and Tom Douglas

Ages: 4-10

Price: $16.99 Hardcover

Published by: Tommy Nelson (Thomas Nelson Publisher)

From the Thomas Nelson website:

"The second book in Tim McGraw’s My Little Girl series is a heartwarming story of a little girl’s selfless act of kindness.

Tim McGraw and songwriter Tom Douglas once again join forces to write another book about the precocious Katie and her dad. Katie has many talents, but she wonders which one will win her school’s talent show. With the help of Dad and her faithful dog Palio, and after several amusing mishaps, Katie finally chooses one talent that includes Palio. But at the talent show, she decides to drop out of the contest to help her friend, showing kindness is the best talent of all. Katie’s proud dad reassures her that she did the best thing and that while he loves many things about her, he loves her heart most of all."

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Notice** "This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by Thomas Nelson Publisher for this review."

My thoughts:

This book was a hit with all of my children right out of the box. Although, no one was more excited than Sweet E. She loved looking at the pictures of the little girl all dressed up. LOL :-D We have enjoyed reading this story many times. I have not had the pleasure of reading the first book in this series, but if it is anything like this one I am sure we would love it. (I do plan on finding a copy)

As we read this book and saw Katie try to figure out what to do for the talent show, we talked about the things that each of them (Big T, Sweet E, and Little E) can do. Sweet E loves to dance, Big T loves to cook, and Little E loves to try anything. It gave us the opportunity to talk about the gifts that God has given us and the fact that we may not yet realize all that he has given us.

This story also gave me the opportunity to talk with the children about acts of kindness. It's so easy to think of ourselves first, but to lay down what we want to help another person is one of the greatest things that we can do. This reminds me. We may need to read this story today as a reminder of helping out our brothers and sisters. LOL :-D

Thank you to Thomas Nelson for allowing me the opportunity to review this book. It has been a blessing and I would recommend it to others...especially those with little girls. :-D

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