Monday, August 10, 2009

Big T's Big Day

I wanted to share some pictures from Big T's birthday on Friday. He was able to start his day off with chocolate pancakes topped with peanut butter, syrup, and dinosaur sprinkles. Oh..and don't forget the BIG glass of milk. :-)

Then he got a haircut and his new shirt...complete with #6. :-)

I then, tried in vain, to get a decent birthday picture. He was too distracted by his siblings and my camera...let's just say that it only works half of the time now. So I am just happy if the thing even turns on! This is the best picture I got. I hope to try again this week.

Right after we took this picture my parents showed up to spend the afternoon with Big T and the other children as well. I didn't realize until after I took this picture that Little E had placed a snake on Papaw's leg. LOL

My parents gave Big T a ladder golf (or whatever it is called) game. We have had so much fun with it too!
My parents even took us out to eat at Jake's. What a treat! Yummioso (as the children would say LOL) Then when my parents left I had about an hour and a half before the next set of grandparents showed up. It was a very busy day! (But wonderful too) In this picture you can see Big T enjoying another gift (gotta love Leg*'s and knights) and wearing a costume that my parents brought. We told him he looks like Davy Crockett.

But the big hit of the evening was the cake! I got a big hug for this one. Waiting patiently while we sing.

Getting ready....

And here he goes!

He really got into it. LOL :-)

I can tell you that I definitely feel like I could sleep for a day solid. I am so tired, but the Lord gives me the strength where I need it most. And right now...I need to get my shopping list in order to do my Once a Month shopping trip this evening for groceries. So much for resting. :-)


Anna said...

What a great cake! And I love the new shirt. Is that going to be the color for the year?

Marci said...

Happy Birthday to Big T!!! I remember when he was born. I LOVE the cake. Was that a real snake?

LadySnow said... should know me better than that. It definitely is not a real snake...not in my house! :-) LOL