Friday, October 10, 2008

My Birdies

Still trying to get back into a routine after being gone for the weekend. But I just wanted to show pictures of the children today. This week we have started talking about the letter N and nests (and other animal homes). So today the children wanted to build their own nest. They "flew" around the yard and picked up sticks. (They were pretending to be young eagles and I was the Mama Eagle.) They are so proud of their nest that I wanted to share the pictures with you.

Here they are "flying" around the yard gathering things to make the nest.
They even put leaves in the middle to make it more comfortable. :D They are so happy with it.
And here is a picture of Little E just because he is so cute. ;o)


Marci said...

Great pictures. You sure make learning fun!!!

Ginny said...

Yes, that sure looks like fun. I'm glad you are having fun with school.

Rachel said...

They are adorable :)