Thursday, October 23, 2008

I love Homeschool!

After some struggles we had last week I figured this week would be best spent doing review and enjoying Autumn. So this week things have been focusing on this wonderful season. Yesterday we started working on a lapbook (not sure how it will turn out....first one I have done on my own->no instructions) and we made fall cookies. The children all took turns helping to make sugar cookies. They helped to roll the dough, cut the cookies, transfer to the cookie sheet, and paint them before baking. Here are some adorable pictures of the children. :o)


Marci said...

You are truly blessed. You have adorable children and you are enjoying them. I love to see that.

Kelli said...

This is a fun theme for school! The cookies look delicious - you have very cute helpers. :0)

Rachel said...

adorable and so much fun! :)

Sharri said...

You had some very, very capable help there!
your children are adorable--and looks like they are cherished! :)

Glad everyone was having such fun!

Kathie said...

Your children are just adorable. Blessings from Costa Rica