Monday, December 10, 2007

"Snow Chart"

After reading this post I decided I wanted to make one. Since we rent I wanted something that we could take with us to remember/record the children's height. They grow up so fast that I want something that we could keep. Since we are the Snow family I am partial to snowflakes, snowmen, snowladies, and such. So this idea popped in my head today for the growth chart. I drew this in like 60 just bear with me. I would want a snowflake to be at the bottom to start it off..and I was thinking of the progression going something like- snowflake-> flurry-> blizzard-> snowball-> snowchild-> young snowperson-> and then snowman and snowlady. What do you think. I was wanting to get others opinions. Now here is the catch....I don't draw well, but my hubby does wonderful work, but this time of year he is so incredibly busy taht I don't want to burden him with something else to do. Maybe this spring I could get him to do it. :) Oh...I would have the height go up to 6'7" or so and it would say something like Snow Chart. Maybe have a bible verse somewhere too..Not sure. So, what do you think?


Anna said...

I think that is a very cute idea. You could include the Bible verse about your sins being white as snow. Or something about growing in the Lord. (nothing pops into my mind at the moment) I can't wait to see this finished project.

Ron and Ginny said...

It looks good. I hope you get it made and use it for many, many years to come. :-D