Thursday, March 22, 2007


I just thought I would post about something I started to do a few weeks ago. I know most people keep their plastic shopping bags and use them as small trash can liners and such, but I found a great way to use them up. Since Sweet E is so messy when eating it gets kind of gross to take a bib with us and try to clean it up when we are away from home. So, we just use plastic shopping bags. It's much cheaper than purchasing the disposable bibs.

You first need to lay the shopping bag down flat.
Then you cut off the bottom (just enough so that it will separate.)

Then you cut the bag down both sides to give you 2 pieces.

Then you just use the handles as the ties. When the meal is can just throw it away! The only thing is that there is no pocket. So sometimes I fold up the bottom and staple it to form a pocket ( you could even use tape I guess). If you don't make a pocket all you need to do is make sure the bib is setting on the table or high chair tray and place the plate or bowl on top to prevent food from ending up in their lap. And that's it! An easy way to make disposable bibs. Great for traveling! Which reminds me...I need to make some more!

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