Friday, March 09, 2007

Sonshine =)

Yes, the weather is warmer and the sun is shining bright. It just makes the house more happy and enjoyable during the day. I am hoping, after DD's nap, to let the children outside for a while. I really want them to run off some energy. ;) As I was thinking of the sunshine "filling" my home I ask myself if there is "Sonshine" in my soul. Am I letting God fill me up? I have to confess that before Little E was born and even after that my time with the Lord is too few and far between. But...I think everyone is getting in more of a routine. I hope to get my "Schedule" revamped and get back to using my binder to help me manage my home and keep me on track. When I am more organized I always seem to have more time for the Lord because I don't get distracted as easily. Oh..I am just enjoying this sunshine so much today and I should hear soon (I hope) that my Mom has made it back into town safely.

**Don't forget to set your clocks forward by one hour Saturday Night!**

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