Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Praise Him!

Over the past 2 years God has been teaching me to Praise Him in the good times and the bad. Although there are many, many times that it seems I haven't learned the lesson yet. My newest moments have been with our wonderful vehicles. I got in an accident with the car right after we moved in November. It still needs to be fixed and now we found out a gasket in it is bad. Still don't have any money to fix that either. Then the van....has no air conditioning. Haven't been able to afford to fix it. Tried last summer, but to no avail. The ABS has quit working....we did an inexpensive fix on it though. (You can unhook the ABS...yes a mechanic told us to do this.....and just have the "regular" brakes.) I am very happy it is starting to warm up a little because the heater in the van is about shot also. Well...just this week the door handle on the driver's side fell off. Even though fixing it is cheaper than fixing the air conditioning....we don't even have the money to fix that. But...I praise the Lord because we actually have a vehicle that runs (Even if we do have to get in from the passenger side now.) So I just wanted to remind everyone else that you need to praise the Lord even when things go bad. May the Lord Bless you!


Kelli said...

You have a wonderful attitude!!

mom4x said...

You are such an inspiration Melanie. You let your light shine no matter what life throws at you..

Hugs and prayers,