Monday, April 11, 2011

Sweet E's Birthday (Just a little late)

My 6 year old!
Okay, I should have posted this ages ago. I know, I know. Shame on me for not being able to catch up with posting. But at least I am getting to it now. ;-) She asked for a doll cake again, but requested that it be pink this time.

When I look at the picture from last year (the blue) and this year I can't help but remember the final scene in sleeping beauty (the Disney version).

She loved all of her presents but the ultimate present was this princess dress from Nana S. Of course Big T step right in front of me when I went to snap the picture! She loves playing princess and this was just the greatest thing. Nana S worked hard on getting this made and even has an injury to show for it. ;-)

I don't have any better pictures of the rest of her gifts. Had a hard time keeping Big T out of the way! Crazy boy........  She has used her stationary from Grandma K a LOT since her birthday. This little girl absolutely loves to write letters. So, not a massive post about her birthday, but at least I got a couple of pictures up. :-) Things have calmed down a little bit around the house. And that is a WONDERFUL after the week we had. No gas or water leaks anymore! Granted we got an extremely high estimate from Roto-Rooter, but it's not an emergency at this point.

So I am off to do some cleaning and maybe a load of laundry. Have a blessed day!

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Jaime said...

Hi there,
Just passing through. I saw your comment on another handmade dress site and wanted to pass along a giveaway that's going on on my blog for a SUPER cute pattern.
Cute blog! Sorry for the random comment!