Thursday, March 10, 2011

MamaBuzz Review: SpellQuizer

In our homeschool lessons spelling isn't very strict at this point. By that I mean we don't have spelling tests or anything yet (next year we will do more of that). But I was given the opportunity to review some spelling software called SpellQuizer. I am very excited about this program. Knowing that I have something new and different in my homeschool arsenal is exciting. (I know, I am weird like that).

It's a downloadable program (which is always a plus) and it's so easy to customize it to your child's needs. They even have a special link for homeschoolers. You can make up a spelling list for your child in just a few seconds. They have video demonstrations as well. You can go to this link and see a quick and information demonstration on how to create spelling lists, practicing the lists, sharing and importing lists. You can use this program with any curriculum. That's what is so great about it! Even if I change my mind on what curriculum I am going to use this will work with anything!

 Oh...I should say a big part of this is you recording sentences to be repeated for the child. So (you need a microphone for your computer) you make the list and when you enter in a word you record a sentence. Like, if the word is frog you would record a sentence like, "The frog loved to swim in the pond." Or whatever you want. Make it as fun and amusing for the child as you like. :-)

We have enjoyed testing this out for the MamaBuzz review, but it will be using this more and more the farther we get into our homeschool journey. Plus this is great for any family. If your child is struggling or if you are just looking for something different this would be a great option (it's $29.95) There are sample spelling lists to start off with that have recordings already (and I believe they are adding more). So yes, I would recommend this product to families looking for spelling practice for the children (homeschool or not). 
*Disclaimer- I received this product from TedCo Software for MamaBuzz in exchange for my honest review.

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