Monday, March 14, 2011

Finally Did It!

I finally made my own vanilla! I had the supplies for a couple of weeks, but I had a hard time getting the pickle smell out of the jar lid. But I finally figured it out. I boiled the lid with some baking soda for a little bit. Then added lemon juice. After boiling it for a while I but it into a plastic bag with some activated charcoal. The next pickle smell! So I could finally get started on making the vanilla. I used the instructions from Heavenly Homemakers. I purchased a pound of vanilla beans from Olive Nation with the discount code from Heavenly Homemakers. 
I cut 80 beans to put into the gallon jar.
Then I poured a gallon of vodka into the jar.
After 6 months I will have a gallon and a half of pure vanilla!

I didn't have a half gallon jar so I just used the vodka bottle. I had poured a little of it into the gallon jar and had room to add 40 beans. I had 120 beans. The exact amount called for ...for a gallon and a half. Not that it would matter if I was a few under or over. I know that this is a TON of vanilla but I am hoping to sell some to Beloved's coworkers and have extra for gifts. :-) I will let you know how it is in 6 months!

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Angela said...

That is awesome that you can do that! I just simply don't have the time or patience. Let me know how it turns out for you!!

Love and miss you!