Friday, February 04, 2011

I Don't Like Ice!

It's been a couple of days since the ice storm, but the effects are still holding strong. We had one very unnerving night as we heard a number of things come crashing down outside (on the roof and all around). Of course the tree was right about the master bedroom so we heard ice come crashing down all night long. Not fun at all!

Why do the limbs from our neighbors tree always fall in our yard?! They never seem to fall in his

I am more upset with this particular limb.....

It tore the cable line off the house. You can see the arrows pointing to the cable and the spot where it should be.
 I had Beloved throw the cable line up and over the swing set to keep the dog from tripping over it and possibly chewing on it. 

This silver maple lost a lot of limbs that night (and it's the one that dropped ice over our heads all night long).

One of the limbs on our bush didn't make it. Split right down the middle.
These arrows show a limb that fell out of our tree in the front of the house.

This extremely large pine branch was hanging on the power line all night long.
 Praise the Lord we never lost power and we didn't even loose our internet connection.(Just need to get the line back up on the house). It's just a waiting game now. Waiting on the ice to thaw so we can get outside and clean up all the branches in the yard. I would rather have a foot of snow than a 1/4 inch of ice!

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Anna said...

I agree. Give me snow any day over ice. Hope you thaw out quickly.