Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Knights of Arrethtrae Review

Are your children into knights, swords, chivalry, etc? Mine sure are. They love it! I was excited when I had a chance to review some books from The Knights of Arrethtae Series. This series is written by Chuck Black, a former F-16 pilot/engineer.

From the Website- 
Two friends face the Dark Knight’s deadliest scheme, but only one knight has the courage to overcome.

Sir Quinlan leaves his boyhood friend to serve the Prince, fighting a battle darker and more intense than any he’s ever known. The mysterious Sir Baylor recruits him into the ranks of an elite unit of knights known as the Swords of Valor, but when tragedy strikes and everyone blames Quinlan, the Swords of Valor disband ending a legacy of heroic deeds

From the Website- A knight left for dead. A country on the verge of ruin. An evil lord rising to conquer.

Sir Rowan is the most decorated tournament knight in Cameria, but when he is attacked and left for dead, his world collapses. Betrayed and lingering at death’s door, only a bizzare vision of his Prince and the help of a woman dedicated to the King keeps hin alive. As Rowan heals, he finds new purpose in life through service to the King

These are books 5 and 6 in the Kinghts of Arrethtra Series. This series is a medieval action and adventure allegory. It's also a companion series to the Kingdom Series. My children aren't old enough to read these books on their own, but these would be nice to use as read aloud. Knights, princesses, princes, sword fights, etc have been something that has intrigued my children for a long time. So these two series would be perfect to invest in as my children get older. If I start now I should have most of them by the time they are ready to read them. :-) It's difficult to find a book with a medieval/knight background that doesn't have magic and/or wizardry. So it was refreshing to have a chance to read these two books. Chuck was inspired to write these books because of his children. He also lets us know that they battle scenes are tastefully written so that as parents, we don't have to worry about what they might right.

So I know I will be gradually purchasing this series to have on hand for read alouds and as Big T gets older. :-) So go check out the website now and see what you think. :-)

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