Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Couple of Projects

So I am finally getting around to posting what Beloved and I made the other day. Here it is in all it's glory. LOL

It's nothing spectacular. Just a bench. The chairs with our dining room table aren't holding up well. So we built this bench and it sure is sturdy! It can easily hold Big T, Sweet E and Little E. The children love it. We need to tweak the next one we make, but hope to get one made this weekend or so.

Then I got tired of looking at this in my kitchen. The white curtains wouldn't aren't very white anymore. Plus it's sort of boring.

I was wanting more of a 1940s color theme. I already have bright yellow walls so I went with blue and red for the curtains. I love the result.

I would love to buy some more of this fabric. I found it at Marie-Madeline. It's from the American Retro line. Next up.....more sewing for Special K....I hope. I have the fabric washed I just need to get it cut out and sewed up. :-) Blessings to all!


Robynn's Ravings said...

Melanie! The bench is awesome and I'm WILDDDDDDD about those curtains and that fabric. LOVE IT SO MUCH! That is RIGHT up my alley. Great job! :DDDDD

Elizabeth said...

I love those curtains! They look great with your wall color. Makes me smile. :) I hate making curtains, but you may have just motivated me!

Amy said...

Those curtains are so adorable!!! That fabric is awesome!

Nick said...

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