Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Anniversary.......

I just wanted to share a few pictures from this past week. First up are the gorgeous flowers that I received. Aren't they so pretty? :-)

On our anniversary I purchased a window marker to leave a message for Beloved when he returned home from work. He liked it a lot. :-)

Then on Friday Beloved and I had the opportunity to spend the evening alone without the children. :-) My MIL kept the children for the evening. The children had a wonderful time spending the night with Nana and E-pa (that is what Little E calls grandpa). It was the first time for the younger two to spend the evening away from home. Anyway, Beloved and I had a wonderful dinner at the Alcove Restaurant in town. If you live near Mt. Vernon and have never eaten there...I highly suggest going at least once.

After our delicious dinner Beloved and I had a chance to relax at our little "cottage" at the Mt. Vernon Inn. This was a surprise for Beloved. I reserved the suite in January and he didn't know where we were staying until we got there. I tell you what...this was a nice place. Funny too, because it is only about 4 blocks from our house. LOL :-) Here are some pictures from our Suite. I told you it was nice. :-)

Notice the yummy chocolate I bought? This stuff is wonderful...notice the glasses too, because we bought those on our Honeymoon in North Myrtle Beach.

This is a really nice place to stay. We had a cute little fountain right outside our room and the garden(s) are gorgeous. Especially when everything else around is so brown and dry. It was an unusually chilly morning walking to breakfast (most unusual for July) but the gardens made the short walk enjoyable. And breakfast was delicious. Your breakfast is made to order and the dinning area/sun room is very pretty. Oh..and the first picture is of the "secret gate" to our suite.

So, there are some pictures from this past week. Hope everyone had a great weekend! :-)

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Marci said...

Happy Anniversary. I am glad you were able to get away.