Friday, March 21, 2008


Oh my....I really need some mocha, but I thought I would share some photos first. I have been bad about showing them, but here are a few now. Just keep in mind that none of these are on the same day. :D
The Saturday of the big snow storm Sweet E was running through the house. She caught her foot on a chair and then, when she fell, hit another chair and gave herself a nice black eye. (A few days later Big T got a black eye as well, but his didn't show up as much as hers.)

Little E was enjoying carrying around Papa's lunch box. I thought it was pretty adorable. :)This is a photo of Sweet E enjoying her hummus. When I make hummus it doesn't last long. Everyone loves it! She was cleaning out what was left in the bowl. ;)
Do you have a porcupine living in your house? You don't.....well you should get one. ;)

Cabin Fever takes it's toll. ;o)
Isn't he absolutely adorable!?These next to photos are of the children painting sun catchers for residents of a local Retirement Home. The 4th Sunday of every month our family, along with another family from our fellowship, has a church service for the residents. (Beloved's Mama also works there.) Anyway, the children love making things for people, so we thought this was a good project. And yes, Sweet E is still in her jammies. I didn't want her getting the sleeves of her dress or sweater in the paint.


Ginny said...

What nifty pictures. And, yes, he is simply adorable!!! :-D

Jane said...

Your kids are growing up to fast!

Bella Rae said...

I love the pics, especially the one of the little porcupine living in your house ;)

Anna said...

What cute pictures. We do need a porcupine. LOL. And don't I recognize that apron of Sweet E's somewhere????

Crochetingangel said...

They are just too cute, Love it!!! Boy are they all just growing like weeds, getting sooo big. What a wonderful thing for them to do for others. Love the porcupine, LOL.