Wednesday, March 05, 2008

First Haircut

We may all still be sick, but last night was one to remember. I wanted to do something other than think about the family being ill. So, I decided it was time for Little E's first haircut. Now...from the front it didn't really look like he needed one. But as my sister's boyfriend says, "He looks like a miniature Terry Bradshaw." (because all is blond hair was around the back of his head.)
Anyway, I wanted to share some pics of the little guys first haircut. :D He is such a cutie pie. ;)
And while I am at it I just wanted to share some more cuteness. :D


Ron and Ginny said...

He did NOT look like a miniature Terry Bradshaw. Elijah is cuteness personified! He didn't look too happy about the haircut, though. ;-)

Marci said...

What a cutie he is. I love his smile. His whole face lights up. You did a good job Mom!!!

Jane said...

He's so cute!

Bella said...

What a little charmer, he's adorable! :) Love the pop bottle pic, lol!!