Friday, March 30, 2007

More Thriftiness

I have always been the one to cut my son's hair. FIL cut his hair the very first time and 2 times since. But in 3 years of cutting hair..I was his barber. The thing is, I always used a pair of clippers. Well our clippers "bit the dust" about 6 months ago. I finally got up the nerve to cut Big T's hair with just scissors. Here are pics of during and after.

So, what do you think. I am pretty proud of of my very first attempt. I see a few "scragglies" that I need to take care of, but those are just minor. At least I saved us at least $10. It's fun to come up with ways to "save money." Plus...I figured if I messed up we could purchase a pair of clippers and just give a "summer cut" early.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Welding and Crochet

Yes, it seems as if those 2 words do not go together, but.... take a look at this article. I was amazed and inspired. So you never know just might be able to get your husbands and/or sons to take up crochet as well. =)

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Beloved

Look at what my wonderful Hubby did! I had a knock at the door and there was a surprise! 3 pink roses! Aren't they absolutely beautiful? And...what makes it even more special is that they were given to me "just because."

It is still hard to believe that Sweet E is now 2 years old. (let alone that Big T will soon be 4!) Here are a few pictures from our weekend. (I pics of Sweet E, but I had a lot in the previous post). The first picture is of my Father with Little E sleeping. Then my sister and Little E decided to take a nap together. Aren't they cute? The last picture is of Big T playing "basegame." =) My dad and sister tried to teach him how to run bases, but he was only interested in hitting.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sweet E is 2 !

Well...not yet, but she will be on Saturday. God has blessed our family so much with the "young lady." It is a privilege to be her Mama. It is amazing to think that she will be 2 and that she is a big sister! It is amazing how fast time goes by. So, just a warning, you are about to be "showered" with pictures of Sweet E.

Proud Big T holding Sweet E when she was two days old.

Sweet E when she was about 1 1/2 months old

Sweet E at 6 months

Sweet E's 1 year picture

Sweet E at 13 months
And now.....Sweet E at 2


I just thought I would post about something I started to do a few weeks ago. I know most people keep their plastic shopping bags and use them as small trash can liners and such, but I found a great way to use them up. Since Sweet E is so messy when eating it gets kind of gross to take a bib with us and try to clean it up when we are away from home. So, we just use plastic shopping bags. It's much cheaper than purchasing the disposable bibs.

You first need to lay the shopping bag down flat.
Then you cut off the bottom (just enough so that it will separate.)

Then you cut the bag down both sides to give you 2 pieces.

Then you just use the handles as the ties. When the meal is can just throw it away! The only thing is that there is no pocket. So sometimes I fold up the bottom and staple it to form a pocket ( you could even use tape I guess). If you don't make a pocket all you need to do is make sure the bib is setting on the table or high chair tray and place the plate or bowl on top to prevent food from ending up in their lap. And that's it! An easy way to make disposable bibs. Great for traveling! Which reminds me...I need to make some more!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

To Train up a Child (or is it the parent?)

God has shown himself strong to me in the past few weeks through my children. It seemed after Little E was born that Big T and Sweet E couldn't sit still through church for anything without fussing/squirming. It was really getting frustrating. It seemed like no matter what we did they would not calm down.'s like a light went on all of a sudden. For 2 weeks in church they have been sitting relatively quiet and even at our Bible study last week they sat by Hubby and I and were content. Now...I know this doesn't mean that they are going to be perfect angels from now on. They will have their set backs, but I just love how God works. As long as we are consistent in training our children it will one day "sink in." (On Sunday a Brother said, "With child training there are days that you want to pull your hair out! And then it's like...they all of a sudden "get" what you were trying to teach them.") God can do the same thing with us. We may think...maybe God wants me to take more initiative in "A". But maybe you dismiss it and move on. Then the next week you may have a Brother or Sister in Christ ask you about "A". You may even dismiss it after that. But it's amazing can God can bring things up in our Bible Studies, our prayers, our children, family, friends, work, etc. If God wants you to do something he isn't going to let you "get away." Hopefully, if we are smart enough to open our eyes and see what God is trying to show can be a huge blessing! Is God talking to you? Are you listening or do you have your fingers in your ears? Open up to what God is trying to show'll be amazing. =)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Family Time

We had a good weekend, besides my sinuses acting up. :( I was supposed to see the midwife on Saturday, but she went out of town for the weekend. Which is fine with me. There is a lady that lives a couple of blocks from me that is due in a few weeks. So...if she has her baby early my midwife could just stop by here instead. Anyway....I wanted to share some pictures about our weekend.

Here is a picture of my wonderful Hubby reading books with Big T, Sweet E, and Little E. Isn't it precious! The children love books and always enjoy being read to.

We made biscuits for dinner last night and the children helped me. Sweet E wanted to cut all the biscuits out and put them in the pan herself. Of course...that caused a conflict because Big T wanted to do it too!

Here is a picture of all three of us working on the biscuits.

Here is a picture of Big T finally getting a chance to cut out a few biscuits of his own. I realized that I need to let the children help me more in food preparation. It is "easier" when they are out of the way, but then they don't learn anything. So, I am trying my best to let them help out more. It is amazing what children can do when you give them the chance. Well...I am off to start my laundry and let my children help. Blessings to all!
**UPDATE: God has blessed us with unexpected funds to help fix one of our vehicles! Praise the Lord! Now I won't have to be without the van!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Chloe!



This precious little girl is 2 today! She is the daughter of my friend Anna who is the designer for Lullabies and Lace. Isn't Chloe cute? Of course...not as cute as my little girl who has her 2nd birthday coming up soon too. Happy Birthday again Chloe! May God bless your life and use you for his work!
~~~The Snows~~~

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Praise Him!

Over the past 2 years God has been teaching me to Praise Him in the good times and the bad. Although there are many, many times that it seems I haven't learned the lesson yet. My newest moments have been with our wonderful vehicles. I got in an accident with the car right after we moved in November. It still needs to be fixed and now we found out a gasket in it is bad. Still don't have any money to fix that either. Then the van....has no air conditioning. Haven't been able to afford to fix it. Tried last summer, but to no avail. The ABS has quit working....we did an inexpensive fix on it though. (You can unhook the ABS...yes a mechanic told us to do this.....and just have the "regular" brakes.) I am very happy it is starting to warm up a little because the heater in the van is about shot also. Well...just this week the door handle on the driver's side fell off. Even though fixing it is cheaper than fixing the air conditioning....we don't even have the money to fix that. But...I praise the Lord because we actually have a vehicle that runs (Even if we do have to get in from the passenger side now.) So I just wanted to remind everyone else that you need to praise the Lord even when things go bad. May the Lord Bless you!

Monday, March 12, 2007

My "Loot"!

I just received my package from my swap partner at CrochetMania and I just had to share pictures of what she sent! Thank you so much!

Wonderful Weekend

My family had such a good weekend...I just wanted to share it in pictures. Saturday was very nice because we didn't do much of anything. Hubby had a work meeting from 7:00 am to 11:00am, but he got a free breakfast out of the deal! She it made it worth it in some ways which is good. The things they talked about at the annual meeting didn't apply to hubby at all. They talked about 401K's, insurance, drinking, drugs (the policies) and other things of that nature. We did find out though that his company (as a whole) drove over 5 million miles last year. That equals to driving around the earth almost 200 times! After his meeting he came home and he and DD took a much needed nap. During their nap I took DS and Little E to the store to pick up some much needed items. That evening we just "relaxed" together as a family. Here is a picture of DD eating one of her favorite foods...Black Olives! She pretty much polished off a whole can! (I think the rest of the family only had about 6 or 7.)

On Sunday...we went to church and had a good service. Just strange with so many people missing. But afterwards we got up the "courage" to take the family to watch our oldest niece play in the Mansfield Youth Strings at the beautiful Renaissance Theater in Mansfield. It is amazing to sit there and listen to that music and realize majority of those students (they come from many different schools) are only about 12-15 years old! Just amazing. Here are 2 very short clips from the concert. This was her last concert in the youth strings. She hasn't made a decision yet, but she may try out for the Knox County Symphony Orchestra. (Her mom plays in it as well.)

Then after her concert it has become "tradition" for everyone to go and eat out at Steak and Shake. I am so proud of my other niece too. Last year for her birthday we gave her a crochet hook. That's it! Just a hook and now she doesn't go anywhere without her crochet. Here is a picture of her crocheting in Steak and Shake! Isn't it wonderful! ;) Who would have known that such a simple gift (almost a year ago) would spark such "passion." =)

Well, that is all for now. May you all have a blessed week!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Sonshine =)

Yes, the weather is warmer and the sun is shining bright. It just makes the house more happy and enjoyable during the day. I am hoping, after DD's nap, to let the children outside for a while. I really want them to run off some energy. ;) As I was thinking of the sunshine "filling" my home I ask myself if there is "Sonshine" in my soul. Am I letting God fill me up? I have to confess that before Little E was born and even after that my time with the Lord is too few and far between. But...I think everyone is getting in more of a routine. I hope to get my "Schedule" revamped and get back to using my binder to help me manage my home and keep me on track. When I am more organized I always seem to have more time for the Lord because I don't get distracted as easily. Oh..I am just enjoying this sunshine so much today and I should hear soon (I hope) that my Mom has made it back into town safely.

**Don't forget to set your clocks forward by one hour Saturday Night!**

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Quick Update

My grandfather did end up having 3 bypasses and as of yesterday was doing well. Now the "real" test starts. They are going to start weaning him off of his pain medication and that means he will start feeling worse. My mom is flying home Friday and my aunt is going down to Florida on Friday to help my step-grandma and grandpa for a week.

Then...last night my Hubby was on the phone for 130 minutes! With who you ask? He was talking with his friend "A" (whose Dad died last week). "A" is really feeling convicted by the Lord (we believe) it is just up to him to decide. God is working in his heart and "A" just needs to realize his need for our Lord and Saviour. It was a great conversation though. Although...we are tired today, but I would much rather loose sleep over that then something else!

On the crocheting front...I have a total of 7 doilies done for our couples night and I got supplies yesterday from UPS (FINALLY!) to start a shawl I hope to have done for the night, but we will have to wait and see if I can crochet that fast! ;) May you all have a blessed day.

I almost forgot...all (well, almost all) the ladies from our church gathered at Mrs. M's home for tea. Little did I realize until after I got there that it was her birthday. (I've been a little "distracted" lately.) Anyway...we all had such a wonderful time. It was also nice because 3 of the young ladies are leaving tomorrow for Columbia. They are going down there to help out at an orphanage. So, I just wanted to "publicly" thank Mrs. M for the wonderful time I had yesterday (and the yummy food)! Thank you!

OH YES.....Little E is now 4 weeks old!

Monday, March 05, 2007


Just wanted to let you all know that my Mom called earlier today. Grandpa's 5 hour surgery went as well as can be expected. Don't know the details, but they did 2-3 bypasses. Last time I heard Grandpa was in his room and resting. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

Old Videos

Another blog I go to posted these short videos. If I would have shown these to my high schoolers...they would have laughed the whole way through. Problem wouldn't have hurt them to listen either. Thought you all might enjoy watching them!

Pattern For Smartness

Cooking: Terms and What They Mean

Friday, March 02, 2007

What a Week!

This has definitely been a really strange week. Earlier my Mom and Sister flew down to Florida because my Grandpa (Mom's dad) is in the hospital. All the arteries on one side of his heart are completely blocked. He is going into surgery sometime next week and Mom wanted to be there for my step-grandma. I think my sister is coming back on Sunday and Mom is going to stay. Not sure what type of surgery Grandpa is having, but the doctor said that if he would have had a heart attack before they found this he would not have made it.

Then my hubby's friend's father died (posted about it in the last post I did). The calling hours and funeral are tomorrow. We haven't spoken with my hubby's friend since the day it happened so I pray that when we see him tomorrow he is doing well (as well as can be expected). I pray that he will draw closer to the Lord in this circumstance too. It's still hard to realize that this man is gone. I keep thinking when I go to my in-laws I am going to see him. It's so strange.

On a lighter note.......I actually ventured out on my own today with the 3 children. was only to the bank, but that's a big deal for me. After we went to the bank we surprised Hubby at work and took him out to eat at Steak and Shake. It has been a really good day. I better get to cleaning though because my father is coming up after he gets off of work soon. May the Lord Bless you today and through the weekend!