Monday, September 13, 2010

Soccer Time

I am so far behind on posting pictures, but I promised my sister I would get some soccer pictures up. The first soccer game was August 28th, but Sweet E is the only one that I got pictures of. Big T and Little E played at the same time and since we coach Little E's did not happen that day. :-( But I did make up for not getting any pictures of Big T this past Saturday. I promised to get a lot of pictures and I did. :-) Still don't have any of Little E though. Running around a soccer field with a camera in my pocket doesn't seem like the best idea. Big T and Sweet E both scored a goal in their games. I missed seeing Sweet E's goal but I did get to see Big T dribble the ball all the way down the field and score! Anyway here are some pictures from Game #2 this past Saturday.

There she goes!

Then it was Big T's turn.

And they're off!

Now that is a face of determination!

It looks like she is fending off the whole other team!

I will do my best to post more photos tomorrow. Hopefully this will make my sister happy for a little while. :-) Love you Sissy!

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